Our trustful travel mates are two italian branded bicycles Cinelli one of the most famous bicycle manufacture in the world. Bootleg Hobo represent a great bound between ciclocross and touring, steel framework and fork, racing wheels and handlebar but offering a much comfortable position to cycle long distances. Here is a detailed list of all components and accessories of our bicycles, infos on our Crosso panniers, that carry all our life, and details on spare parts.


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Full list of our bicycles components

Components and accessories

  • Framework and forkColumbus steel, Cromor triple butted
  • Saddle
  • Transmission
    • Crankset – FSA Alpha Drive Trekking, chainrings 26-36-48 and crank arm length 170 mm
    • Front derailleur – Shimano Sora
    • Rear derailleur – Shimano Deore
    • Cogset – Shimano Nexave 9 speed from 13 to 34 teeth
    • Shifter – Shimano Dura Ace Bar End
  • Breaks – Tektro Oryx Cantilever
  • Wheels
    • RimsAmbrosio Keba 622-18,5C
    • Spokes – 36 Alpine 2 mm spokes on each rim
    • Tire – Vittoria Randonneur Trail 622-40
      rear tire changed to Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 622-37 after 6.500 km
    • Front hub – Shimano Deore XT DH-T780 with Dynamo
    • Rear hub – Shimano 105 FH-5700
  • Pedals – Wellgo, double face: simple and SPD
  • Cyclocomputer – measures km and altitude, cable connectedVDO M4 WR
  • Handlebar cover – two pairs ofBar Mitts, great to protect hands from cold, wind and rain.
  • Racks
    • Front – Tubus, Logo Classic
    • Rear – Tubus, Tara

Spare parts and tools

  • 2 Pumps – PRO Performance 2-Way Minipump, and a simple one bought in Erzurum, Turkey
  • 1 pressure measurerTopeak SmartGauge D2, to exactly know the tube pressure
  • 2 Multitool – One Topeak Mini 18 and multitool Brooks England
  • Tools – One hex key, one cross-head screwdriver, one chinese Leatherman like multitool pliers, one 10-11 wrench, one Brooks specific wrench, different dimension cable ties, insulating tape, various kind of glue and mastic
  • Transmission maintenance – Chain lubricating oil, toothbrush, dust cloths
  • Varie – According to on spot needs we carry: tubes, tires, tip-top, chains, quick link, shift cables, breaks cables, pad break, spokes etc..


Total capacity is 142 litre.

  • Side panniers
  • Pockets – One set of two Crosso Pocket 1L and two Crosso Pocket 3L, they can be attached to side panniers
  • Rear bagCrosso Twist Bag 40L
  • Handlebar bag – Ortlieb, Ultimate6 Black´n White

When preparing bags for a travel it is difficult to decide what to take and to leave. Will it behot, cold, will it rain, snow..? Our journey is a bit different, we will be out for some years cycling through all four seasons. So we had no other choice but to take everythingwith us! Hereunder there’s a detailed list of what is inside Daniele and Simona panniers.


Daniele's clothing pictures

Daniele’s clothing complete list


  • 2 underpants – two technical Craft underpants
  • 1 swimsuit – 1 slip for the hot tropical beach
  • 4 pairs of socks – two pairs summer socks and two pairs midseason socks
  • 6 t-shirts – 1 jersey, two breathable shirts for cycling, two cottons, one polo shirt
  • 2 long sleeves shirts – one thermal underwear shirt and one Ferrino to wear as midlayer
  • 2 trousers – one short Millet, and one convertibleFerrino trouser
  • 2 wind stopper – one light WindStopper Ferrino, one Jack Wolfskin gilet with insert in pile
  • 1 pair of shoes – 1 pair of Millet trekking shoes, Goretex layer and Vibram sole
  • 1 pair of flip flop – 1 pair Barefoot minimal shoes by Xeroshoes


  • 2 underpants – two Merino Wool boxers
  • 2 pair of socks – one winter tight La Sportiva and one Merino wool tight
  • 2 thermal shirts – one warm UnderArmour, one Merino wool
  • 2 fleecesone PolarTec Ferrino jacket and a warm fleece, not for cycling
  • 2 thermal jackets – one PrimaLoft Montura, one Ferrino duvet
  • 2 tights – one light and one Merino wool
  • 1 trouserone winter trouser Ferrino
  • 4 neck warmer – two Buff like versatile neck warmers, one Ferrino wind stopper and one pile
  • 2 caps – one pile cap andone Ferrino wool
  • 1 balaclavabalaclava Ferrino, warm and windstopper, necessary in freezing temperatures
  • 2 pair of gloves – one pile Dolomite, and North Face Triclimate gloves, with light inner gloves
  • 1 goggle – One anti fog ski goggle Uvex, to protect eyes and face from cold wind
  • 1 pair of boots – One pair of fake Columbia winter boots bought in Tbilisi


  • 1 waterproof jacket – GoreTex Pro Shell NorthFace
  • 1 waterproof trouserFerrino waterproof with side zip to easly put them on
  • 1 pair of socks – waterproof socks to wear when shoeas are completely wet
  • 1 pair of gloveswaterproof mitten cover Tacora Ferrino
  • 1 pair of shoes cover – shoes cover for motorbikes IXS

IMG_5163 (1)

Simona's clothing pictures

Simona’s clothing complete list


  • 4 panties – simple lycra panties
  • 1 swimsuit – one bikini for next summer
  • 4 pair of socks – two pair of summer socks, two pair of midseason socks
  • 1 thermal shirt – one Merino wool short sleeves
  • 6 t-shirts – two short sleeve for cycling, one tank, two cottons and one shirtHalifax Short Sleeve Ferrino
  • 3 trousers – one Jeans short for cycling, one trouser North Face, one Jeans for “city life”
  • 2 jacket – one light WindStopper Ferrino, one light Quechua
  • 1 pair of shoes – one pair of Salomon trekking shoes, Goretex layer and Vibram sole
  • 1 pair of flip flop – one pair of Barefoot minimal by Xeroshoes


  • 2 pairs of socks – one pair of ski winter socks and one pair of Merino wool socks
  • 2 tights – one wool leggins and one Merino wool tight
  • 2 thermal shirts – one light long sleeves Colle, one warm Merino wool North Face
  • 1 thermal shirt midlayer – One thermal long sleevs Ferrino Seehorn Anorak wear as first or mid layer
  • 1 trouser – one water resistant warm trouser Ferrino Pehoe
  • 2 warm jacket – one PrimaLoft Ferrino, one duvet Ferrino
  • 2 neck warmer – one light merino wool buff, one warm Montura
  • 2 facial windstopperone balaclava Ferrino, one Ferrino mask
  • 1 cap – semplice one Ferrino wool cap for “city life”
  • 2 gloves – one pair of North Face Triclimate gloves, with light inner glove, one pair of old Black Diamond gloves
  • 1 ski goggle – 1 ski double glass antifog ski goggle Uvex
  • 1 pair of boots – 1 pair of fake Columbia winter boots bought in Tbilisi


  • 1 waterproof jacket – GoreTex Pro Shell Montura
  • 1 waterproof trouserone waterproof Ferrino trouser with side zip
  • 1 pair of socks – waterproof socks to wear when shoes are totally wet
  • 1 pair of glovesTacora Ferrinowaterproof mitten cover
  • 1 pair of shoes cover – motorbike shoes cover IXS

Sometimes choosing a camp site spot depends by weather conditions some other times it is just because the place is great and you want to have the chance to live in that spot in that very moment, enjoying the place, the landscape and nature. This means living everywhere at any time, the tent is our house and it will be for the entire duration of our journey, this is why we chose our camping equipment according to durability and capacity of performing in every weather condition.

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the full description of our house

The House

  • 1 Tent – One Ferrino Emperor 2 tent for two, four season
  • 2 Tarps – One thick nylon tarp to use as extra floor under the tent for the most rugged terrains, one thin nylon tarp to cover bicycles or to extend the tent.
  • 2 Stools – Two foldable stool bought in a camping shop in Slovenia
  • 4 Headlamps – One Decathlon USB rechargeable, one Petzle Tikka Plus, one chinese torch, one Black Diamond
  • Various – Several kevlar ropes for quick repairing, one rope to hang out clothes to dry, multifunctional

The Bathroom

  • Toilet paper and wet wipes – We carry one toilet paper roll each, also we have babies wet wipes that we also use to clean dishes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – Simona keeps carrying around an heavy and battery consuming electric toothbrush, Daniele instead has a simple plastic toothbrush.
  • Towels – We both have two microfibre beach towels
  • 1 first aid kit – One complete first aid kit plus various medicine
  • Various – Clippers, tweezers, one wood hairbrush, Marsiglia soap to wash clothes and body, shampoo 2 in 1

The Kitchen

  • Stove – One Primus Omnifuel stove, than can burn every kind of fuel, especially petrol that is easy to find everywhere
  • Pots – One set of 2 lt camping pots bought in Tbilisi
  • Dishes – Two set of babies cutleries (small and resistant), one baby bowl, two Cinelli aluminium cups, two sardinian knives “resolza”, one swiss-chinese knife
  • Thermos flasks – TwoFerrino 1 lt vacuum flasks to keep water either warm or cold according to the outside temperature
  • Water filter – One Katadyn Mini water filter to have clean water even in extreme conditions

The Bedroom


  • 3 juggling balls – Three juggling balls to entertain kids and cats
  • Musical instruments – One ocarina and one harmonica
  • Books – Francesco Carletti “Ragionamenti del mio viaggio intorno al mondo” – “Point It”, very useful illustrated book for quick translation in any language of the world

We travel like Marco Polo but we live in 2015 so instead of writing “Il Milione”, we decided to share all we experience throughout social networks and our website. To do that we need specific instruments that allow us to work everywhere and to capture moments our journey. Here is the complete list of our technological equipment


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Technological Equipment complete list


  • 1 Laptop – Apple MacBook Air 13”
  • 2 Smartphone – On Samsung Galaxy Nexus, One LG G2
  • 1 Tablet – Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013) bought in Baku so that Simona doesn’t bother Daniele and his Mac
  • 1 Reflex – Body Canon EOS 60D with two batteries
  • 1 Lens and 3 filters – Canon 15-85 mm F/3,5-5,6 with UV, ND 8x, Circular Polarizing filter
  • 1 TripodManfrotto BeFree is our personal photographer
  • 1 GoPro – Hero 3+ silver, with various accessories and two batteries
  • 1 Satellite communicatorDelorme inReach SE, that allow us to communicate our position even in the most remote desert
  • 1 Eye glasses – One pair of eye glasses to prevent Daniele to get blind

Mass storage

  • 4 memory card – Two SD SanDisk 32GB, two MicroSD 32GB
  • 2 Hard Disks – Two 1 TB Western Digital My Passport Hard Disks
  • 2 USB pen – One 2GB, One 16GB Silicon Power

Energy Supply


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    Jake 21 April 2015 at 18:04

    i stumbled across you guys on Instagram and after seeing many great photos decided to check out the website.

    What you are doing is wonderful and amazing. I am hoping to take off on my own fully self sufficient bike tour and your trip is all the more encouragement.

    Keep on riding and may you stay comfortable out there. Enjoy life, the trip and all the adventures you come across!!!

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    Phil Ruddenklau 26 July 2016 at 06:06

    I met you in Alice Springs, you showed me your bikes.
    I have been looking at your route, what an expedition!
    Also I have looked at your equipment to get ideas for our trip in Europe next year.
    Can you keep me posted regarding your progress.
    Kind regards
    Phil Ruddenklau

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