These are the companies, shops and people who believe in our project, and decided to get involved by offering materials, facilitating us to buy products or giving precious advice.


We contacted Cinelli as we believe in italian brands and we wish to demonstrate that italian touring bicycles are as good as the well-known american’s, german’s or engilsh brands. Federico and Paolo pursue the same mission, and thanks to their efficency, rapidity, precision and customer care, we bought to great bicycles with a good discount.

Logo Ferrino

Ferrino is a well-known company to us therefor we strongly wanted a cooperation with it. This is an italian project and we wanted the one of the best outdoor equipment italian producer. We wish to thank Giorgio and Daniela for listening to our request and offering a very good discount to buy what we need.


Which is the best saddle to survive 100.000 kilometers? Brooks of course, british-italian company! Dealing with Michela was easy and pleasant, after explaining our needs she delivered a package with all the equipment required. Our bottoms are grateful!


We discovered that panniers are not produced only in Germany, and that there’s a brand new company as good as the old ones. Crosso panniers are made in Cordura, water resistant and indestructible, thanks to Kasia enthusiasm we managed to buy a whole set at a very good price with direct delivery from Poland.


When we contacted Ambrosio their 2014 sponsorship budget was closed already but thanks to the kindness and courtesy of Sandra and Stefano we could receive directly at home two pairs of the best italian rims. As those we were looking for were not in the catalogue, they decided to build them up exclusively for our adventure!

bar mitts

How to keep your hands warm while cycling at very low temperatures? How to prevent hands to get wet during heavy snow falls or rain? We tried everything, but our hands still were suffering a lot. So we decided to contact Bar Mitts and thanks to Ward enthusiasm we could receive two pairs of pogies for our road bike handlebar. Our hands are greatful!


Campobase has been our trusted shop for many years now due to Gianluca’s kindness, patience, enthusiasm, honesty and professionalism. As soon as he knew about our project he gave us all the support to buy the equipment and to contact possible partners.


Energy self sufficiency is the main goal of every traveler. Thanks to Sinewave products it is in now almost possible. Dave was enthusiastic about our project, so he decided to offer us a good discount and also sent us the first release of the brand new Reactor.


We bought a satellite communicator and subscribed a monthly plan with DeLorme, this device allows us to send our position in real time and also to send an SOS in case of emergency. Kurt was really helpful and offered us a little discount on the product we had to buy in the States.


YouPosition is a service that allows travelers to send via sms or email the GPS coordinates, saving these information on a map to create in real time the itinerary done. We contacted Roberto because we needed to modify some specs of the system, thanks to his patience and professionalism we managed to create our own future map writer.

Do you want us to test your product? Contact us!