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Col de La Bonette, our first goal!

The morning of Colle della Lombarda (the pass that will lead us to Bonette) ascent our worries about have not diminished. At the camp site everyone who knew about our ascent of the pass with such heavy loaded bicycles, said it was not going to be a great challenge! Above all of them Sergio, a […]

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Tomorrow July 12th we’re off to the world! We did not even have the time to realise what this means to us. It’s night and we’re still preparing everything. At two am Daniele is cycling around is neighborhood to test the bike and to check how it’s to carry 40 kg. Since we decided to […]


Three years in one month

In 2011 bicycle turned to be my only mean of transportation, to move into the city and to travel. Back then it came up slowly to my mind the idea of a world cycling tour, reinforced by the kilometers rode to turn this crazy idea into realizing a dream.

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Sicily Itinerary

8 cyclcing days in Sicily. The whole itinerary of the route from Palermo to Syracuse, towards the south coast of the island.

Travel Stories

Sicily by bicycle – Beyond the hills, the sea.

Waking up alive at the graveyard is always a good sign uckily the walls of the cemetery have protected us from the violent wind and the rain. The morning begins with a leaden sky, ready to rain on us and dark low clouds that run fast, driven by strong southwest wind blowing incessantly. Cycling will […]


Happy cycling (and not) mother’s day.

Even Google wanted to celebrate the date with one of its well-known doodle, it represents a superhero mother that rides together with her young cyclists. Today it is also the National Bicycle Day that our country celebrates with different events in the major cities, mainly dedicated to young cicyclts. These events are promoted by the […]