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Tomorrow July 12th we’re off to the world! We did not even have the time to realise what this means to us. It’s night and we’re still preparing everything. At two am Daniele is cycling around is neighborhood to test the bike and to check how it’s to carry 40 kg. Since we decided to […]


IT.A.CA’ Festival of Responsible Tourism

Because the responsible travel starts from home and returns home (it a cà = are you home? in Bolognese dialect), any place you call home, any to-be-reached Itaca, where the route and the way we set off count more then the destination.

Travel Stories

Sicily by bicycle – The hinterland

“Her gaze dims as her nostalgia for Palermo overcomes her. Those smells of seaweed dried by the sun, of capers, of ripe figs, she will never find them anywhere else; those burnt and scented shores, those waves slowly breaking, jasmine petals flaking in the sun.” – Dacia Maraini, The Silent Duchess been dreaming about the […]