Istanbul is also singing in the night a song by Barış Manço together with two great friends, Cemil and Yasin. Sizi seviyoruz!

Dağlar Dağlar, di Barış Manço

original text

Ellerimle büyüttüğüm
solarken dirilttiğim
Çiçeğimi kopardın sen ellere verdin

Dağlar dağlar
Kurban olam yol ver geçem
sevdiğimi son bir olsun yakından görem

Kuşlar ötmez güller soldu
yüce dağlar duman oldu
Belli ki gittiğin yerden kara haber varz

translation in english

I grew it with my own hands.
When it was fading I made alive
the flower that you picked up and gave it to the others.

Mountains mountains,
please, let me pass
for the last time to see my love closer.

The birds don’t sing and the roses faded,
the big mountains turned into smoke.
It’s obvious that there are bad news from where you’ve been to.

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