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June the 12th 2014, the frozen countdown shows that in less then a month our world cycling tour will begin. An intense and frenetic month, to complete all preparation steps and to fit the pieces of this huge adventure puzzle.

This month is just the tip of the iceberg of a job started a long time ago. The proper organization started six months ago, in December, when Simona and I decided not to renew our employment contracts to start a new life on bicycles, to discover the wonders of the world. Since then it has been an everyday mix of enthusiasm and stress, the desire to realize a great dream against the great difficulties of planning such a project.

We have to think about a lot of things, from the equipment to the bureaucracy of the visas. And as always, because everything is about money, we were forced to count the pennies and to start saving money even on pizza, we sold the salable and we started searching in vain for sponsorships.

But the story of this project started more then six month ago. In 2011 the bicycle turned to be my only mean of transportation, to move into the city and to travel. Back then it came up slowly to my mind the idea of a world cycling tour, reinforced by the kilometers rode to turn this crazy idea from being just an idea into realizing a dream.

Next Saturday night, we’re sending you back to the future!
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Two years passed, and in 2013 I start thinking that the time to say goodbye and leave was getting closer. But still there was something missing. World cycling tour is a good idea, but not enough good. I wanted this challenge to be unique. So in August while solo hiking in the Dolomites, I got the inspiration from the Seven Summits and from the Dolomites summits around me, and decided to climb with the bicycle the seven highest passable passes of the world.

None has ever linked these seven points of a map in a single itenerary.

check the whole itinerary

Soon after I started the research of these passes even to understand if this project was actually possible. Together with a friend we produced the name From seven hills to seven passes, the enthusiasm was high and hit Simona, that decided to join me into this project.

Back we are in December when we finally decide to leave and start working hard for the organization. Since then every thought, every spare moment and every economic resource has been devoted to this dream.

Now just a month is left to the beginning of the adventure.

We are almost ready, and you?

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