Travelling the world by bicycle means rediscovering the pleasure of the voyage, moving slowly across lands and different cultures. It means having the possibility of getting in touch more deeply with local realities, far from the regular touristic circuits, that exploit the resources of the destination countries, instead of involving local communities. To be Ambassadors for the Responsible and Sustainable Tourism means to spread and to respect the the Code of the Responsible Traveller principles, promoting a way of being a tourist much closer to the needs of the destination countries.

the code of the responsible traveller


Study the history,

the culture and customs

of the destination country.


Do not be offensive

towards the culture of the host country.


Do not waste water

and energy resources.


Buy only local products

to support the economy

of the host country.


Face each situation

with spirit of



When possible

move by feet,

use bicycle or public transport.


Try to understand the daily life,

learn some words of the local language,

try not to visit only tourist locations.


Help to respect

the ecosystem of the planet.


Ask for permission

before taking pictures

or making video.


Do not use disposable products,

throw garbage into bins,

leave only your footprints on the spot.

What is it?




Because today tourism is the main economic activity of the globe; because every year there are 5 billion of “arrivals” in the countries of the world (including almost 600 million outbound), because it employes millions of workers (1 every 15 employees around the world), and in the coming decades it is expected to grow exponentially, favored by the development of transport and communications. Because tourism implemented without respect for the principles of sustainability, solidarity and social responsibility, especially in its applications to mass and luxury, has often had very negative effects on the environment, cultures, societies, economies in countries of destination, and it is therefore essential for its development that strict limits and implementing conditions are fixed.

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