The 50% of your donation goes to World Bicycle Relief to mobilize and support the growth of small communities in the developing countries thanks to the power of bicycle. Mobilize us and the world.

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You will automatically receive a postcard from the world! Check where we are and whenever you want send us an email with your postal address. As soon as we can we send you a post card from where we are!

You have no idea of the donation amount? 5€ you are offering us a yummy sandwich, 10€ a plate of pasta, 25€ one night under a roof, 50€ is a set of tires for our bicycles, 100€ is the visa for Kazakhstan and 500€ is the flight from Indonesia to Australia. Well then, if you donate more, we change the plan and visit you!

Bear in mind that the 50% of the amount goes to World Bicycle Relief, and for them 20€ is a bicycle wheels set, 40€ a complete tools kit, 100€ is a bicycle ready to be delivered to a school student or a health carer.

In Istanbul we met Cemil Özçelik and we became immediately great friends. Painter, sculptor, photographer and teacher at a school for disabled students. His art is life. And if you want to keep alive our project you can now buy one of his paintings inspired by the pictures of our adventure.


These are some of the paintings we are selling. To check them all, go to our online shop.

Check our position on the map. If we are close to you, you could host us by contacting us. If we are close to someone you know that can host us, call them and tell them two crazy italian are coming over for a visit! !

A plate of pasta, a hot soup or a delicious roast chicken with potatoes are good for the health and the spirit, and sleeping in a real bed will keep the memory of a comfortable mattress now and then. But still, we are on an adventure! So we have our own camping stove and a pair of square meters of your house floor for our camping mattress or a corner of your garden for our tent will do the trick too. We don’t need much space, we are clean, no disturbing noises and we will thank you pubicly. Helping us is really easy!

Give us a shelter contact us!

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