We wish to share in this mother’s day the video that explains which is the most tough job in the world, as after all it is thanks to our mothers if we can fulfill our dream of cycling the world.

Google Doodle to celebrate mother's day

Google Doodle to celebrate mother’s day

Giornata Nazionale della bicicletta

National Bicycle Day

Even Google wanted to celebrate the date with one of its well-known doodle, it represents a superhero mother that rides together with her young cyclists. Today it is also the National Bicycle Day that our country celebrates with different events in the major cities, mainly dedicated to young cicyclts. These events are promoted by the municipalities and local or national bicycle associations, as for example FIAB (Italian Association of Bicycle’s friends) organizes Bimbimbici. As explained on FIAB website, more then 200 cities all over Italy have decided to join the event of Bimbimbici that, saturday the 10th and sunday the 11th of may, will involve more then 70.000 people, adults, children, young and families in a massive ride along urban paths to educate families and children to cycle safely into cities. So leave your cars today and take the chance to cycle with your family.

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